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We understand that no two clients are the same and therefore we tailor our support to meet your needs.  The areas below give a flavour of what we offer but if you can’t see your specific requirements please get in touch to discuss further

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Executive Support

Our Executive Support services aim to save you time and money by taking care of all the day to day elements of your business life.  It includes services such as proactive management of your diary, travel and emails; event planning; writing reports, presentations and other documents and supporting your clients.  In short we aim to do whatever is needed to ensure your life runs smoothly.

Strategy Services

We offer strategic support to help you achieve your business goals.  This could include analysing business processes and suggesting ways to maximise efficiencies; designing and planning leadership and management events; HR support; client relationship management’ and many other things

Marketing & Communications

Our marketing and communications services are designed to help you improve the way you communicate with your clients.  We can help you to think strategically about what your clients need and how you communicate with them.  We are experts at designing and writing communications that will help you to stay in touch with your clients and maximise opportunities.  


Many people in the workplace find themselves promoted into management position because they are good at client service when in fact they have very little actual experience or training for leadership.  Our coaching focuses on helping your managers develop the skills they need to be effective and to solve any problems they encounter in managing others.  We can work with you to design and implement coaching within your organisation as well as offering 1:1 coaching to specific individuals.  We use an innovative psychometric tool called Lumina Spark to support our coaching.