Welcome to Elixion

Business Psychology & Coaching for Change, Performance & Employee Engagement

I am a business psychologist  specialising in change, performance management and employee engagement.  I combine the latest psychological research with my own expertise to help organisations manage change, enable high performance and increase employee engagement.

I believe that each organisation is unique and needs unique solutions.  This means that I don’t offer simplistic one size fits all solutions but work with you to design interventions that are the perfect fit for what you need.

Change Management

According to the Harvard Business Review, 70% of all change initiatives fail. I combine the latest psychology research with my own expertise to help make sure you are not part of this statistic. I can advise you on culture, mergers & acquisitions and the effects of organisational change

Employee Engagement

Statistics show that engagement matters. Engaged companies grow profits as much as 300 percent faster than their competitors. Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave an organisation.

I design bespoke engagement surveys to capture the issues that matter to you as well as the elements of engagement that research has shown lead to high levels of engagement. I work with you to engage your people to find solutions that increase engagement.

Performance Management

I focus on helping you to identify what high performance looks like in your organisation and design strategies to increase performance across all levels. I can advise on best practice for measuring performance and replacing obsolete annual appraisals with a more continuous feedback process to benefit your organisation and your people.

Executive Coaching

I offer coaching to leaders as they take their organisations through change. I support the development of senior managers, directors and partners so that they maximise their performance.

Our Model