About Us

Trusted Partnership

We believe in the value of the partnership between an executive and their assistant. Our aim is to build a trusted partnership with you in which we both understand our roles. This will enable us to anticipate your needs and to provide effective support.

Proactive Service

We believe in the value of being one step ahead. Our aim is to work in such a way that you can leave all the details to us and know that they will be taken care of leaving you free to get on with decision making.

Added Value

The unique skills and experience of our founder enables us to offer bespoke services over and above what you might expect. The support that we offer doesn't just save you time or make you more efficient, it contributes to your business growth. This is the Elixion difference.

Meet our founder

I’ve spent the last ten years working alongside CEOs, senior executives and more recently business owners providing them with business and strategic support.  During that time I’ve seen the dynamics of the workplace in many different types of organisations and teams.  I’m fascinated by what makes people tick and how they can become more self aware and use that to grow and develop.   My mind works in a structured logical way and I enjoy using this approach to help others focus on what they want to achieve and how to get there.  Others tell me they appreciate my ability to listen and ask questions that help them think as well as to manage, organise and anticipate.

I hold a first class honours degree in psychology, a master degree in business psychology, a coaching certificate and I am a qualified Lumina Learning practitioner.

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