Coaching for Teams

Coaching for Teams

Almost everyone works in a team, whether that be small or large.  Successfully doing so can make or break an organisation.  Despite the plethora of advice that’s out there it is not necessarily easy for a team to work together in a way that brings high performance.  My aim in coaching for teams is twofold:

  • To develop greater self awareness for each individual in terms of themselves and how that affects the way they work in teams
  • For teams to understand the way they currently work together and communicate and how to improve that so that they can becoming high performing.

I offer bespoke workshops for teams using the Lumina Spark psychometric and other team building tools based on psychological principles.  Together we will work to understand each other and move forward.



If you would like to explore the idea of coaching with me you can book a time to talk here
£60 an hour
Six session commitment which includes a one hour coaching session and email follow up
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Priced depending on the requirement
Please get in touch to discuss.
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