I offer coaching to leaders as they take their organisations through change. I can support the development of  senior managers, directors and partners so that they maximise their performance.

Coaching Leaders

The problem:

Leading an organisation through change requires high levels of purpose driven focus as well as resilience in the face of pressure. It is a challenging scenario for even the most experienced of leaders. 

In an environment that demands a fast pace of change there is little time to think through the process effectively.  This can lead to ineffective decision making and leadership.

These kinds of issues become all the more apparent in a time of crisis such as the Covid-19 Pandemic when leaders need to adapt to a rapidly changing situation.

What we offer:

Solutions focused coaching to help leaders clarify their role in the change process, develop a compelling case for change, deal with resistance and communicate clearly.

Providing a safe space for leaders to think and reflect on the change process.

Supporting leaders to enable them to be more resilient in times of crisis and provide the leadership their organisation needs.


Coaching for high performance

The problem:

Within any organisation there are people who will exert a strong influence on the rest of the organisation and the teams they lead.   Organisations invest time and money into L&D programmes but sometimes this is not enough.  Coaching provides that next level of support for senior managers, directors and partners to get them to where they need to be.

What we offer

My coaching supports senior people to develop their potential in order to maximise performance.  

I offer individual coaching using models such as GROW and the Thinking Partnership along with the innovative Lumina Spark psychometric.


Coaching with me

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