Performance management

I focus on helping you to identify what high performance looks like in your organisation and designing strategies to increase performance across all levels.  I advise on best practice for measuring performance and replacing obsolete annual appraisals with a more continuous feedback process.

High Performance

The problem:

All organisations want their people to perform at their best but it is not something that is easy to achieve in practice.  There are many things that influence performance and it is often difficult to untangle the root causes of poor or mediocre performance.

What we offer:

Understanding what high performance is

Before you can increase performance you need to understand what it means for your organisation.  I will work with you to identify the characteristics of high performance at across your organisation.  This will enable you to identify problem areas.

Driving high performance

Strategies to increase performance – based on the issues affecting performance that we uncover we work to identify strategies we can put in place to increase performance.

Team performance –I use Lumina Spark as well as other psychological models to help teams understand themselves and work at their best

Coaching for individuals to develop them to their full potential

Measuring Performance

The problem:

Many organisations are aware that yearly performance appraisals are becoming regarded as increasingly obsolete.  Despite this they struggle to understand how they can measure performance in an effective way.

Some organisations have put continuous feedback in place but many line managers struggle to really give feedback in a way that ensures high performance.

What we offer:

I can assess your current performance management system and advise you on best practice to introduce continuous performance improvement.  I will also advise you on how to make decisions on bonuses and salary increases within this kind of performance management framework.

I can help you train your people in how to give effective feedback that results in increases in performance and engagement.